Copyright ©2011 easy rider s. r. o.  All rights reserved. ...a movie... a legend... a lifestyle... Easy Rider is a cultish movie made in 1969 by a director and an actor Dennis Hopper, who together with Peter Fonda played one of the key roles. The movie is a story of two young men travelling on motorcycles across USA – the story o freedom and discretion, the story of comfort and relaxation. It tells a story of escaping everyday stress and stereotype, about enjoying the life throughfully and without any limitations. Despite the fact that over 40 years passed since this movie was made, its legacy is still actual. Try to forget about the rush world out there for a moment. Sit down comfortably and enjoy the atmosphere of late 60s, the time of flower power, love, Woodstock, ideals and comfort.  Forget your watch, the journey begins! Slovenčina English